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Relive all of the action of the Cincinnati Reds Big Red Machine days through the unique vision of retired Cincinnati Enquirer sports cartoonist, Jerry Dowling.  A must-read for all Cincinnati Reds sports fans, this book is a compilation of Jerry Dowling 's original cartoons from the days of the Big Red Machine and beyond. It doesn’t end in 1976, when the Reds swept the New York Yankees, but continues on, still referred to many as the Big Red Machine, winning the championship again in 1979, and after a few lean years, the Reds prevailed again in 1990, sweeping away all foes on the way to another World Championship. Jerry was there for all of it. 


Don't miss inside stories by legendary Baseball Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench, who penned the foreword and General Manager Bob Quinn,who added his thoughts in an afterword.

Drawing the Big Red Machine

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